Revolutionary Touchless Audio Guide System

The next generation Follow-me group audio guide system

Specially designed for group tours in exhibitions, galleries, museums etc., the guide’s live audio from ceiling speaker continuously follows the visitor’s steps with fide in and fide out sound effect,  providing a multi room audio or surround sound throughout the visit meanwhile visitors do not need to wear any external device. Ideal solution for high-end VIP visit or large group visit.

follow me audio guide


The first-ever Directional Speaker in the world  with projection technology

Precisely controlled prerecorded sound into a narrow beam, focusing on a particular spot, with no disturbances from or to the surroundings. Only the desired listening area will be visible with sight and sound to attract visitors ! Check out this cutting edge innovation now!

directional speaker



Best Audio Guides for Group and Self-guided Tours

It is considered the best museum audio guide series with a state-of -the-art technology.

  • Breakthrough TechnologyThe world first automatic audio guides based on sub-meter accuracy high-precise positioning technology
  • Perfect forSelf-guided tours – ultralight monaural  automatic audio guide for individual visits.
  • Flexible & unique: integrated automatic audio guide and group guiding system into one device, intended for both self-guided tours and group guided tours.
  • Compact & Portable: The best travel companions for indoor and outdoor tours.

Smart & Automated Rental Audio Guide Solutions for Tourists

Introduce the first touchless Self-Service Cabinets, changing the way to manage audio guide devices.

  • Bring the Convenience of The Best Products.
  • An automated kiosk where provides the delivery and collection of audio guides with no direct human interaction. Visitors can easily pick-up, drop-off the audio guides and settle the payment without visiting a physical rental desk.

automated rental audio guides

mutil-functional audio guide

Product Features – Audio Guides designed by DepthLink:

The future of museum!Revolutionary technology, boasting high-precision positioning

A breakthrough in precision positioning with sub-meter real-time accuracy, applicable for both indoor and outdoor positioning. It allows 5X more predefined zones in the same area in which permitting the devices to play certain audio guide messages automatically

Multiple Ways to Access Contents:

  • Auto Access – by auto triggering.
  • Direct Access – by pressing the corresponding number on audio guide keypad.
  • Guided Tour – allowing the site to guide and direct the visitor’s path with more flexible and without a predetermined linear route.
  • Flexible Access – the ability to alternate between auto access and Guided Tours. Visitor can either follow the live stream from tour guide or automatically trigger the prerecorded audio content.

High quality and durable audio guide with the most competitive price and easy to use.

audio guide

SAFE, SANITARY with UV Sterilizing Charging station for all DepthLink audio guides.

audio guide

Smart Automatic Audio Guide

Smart Audio Guide – Mono

Perfect for self-guided tours

Automatic triggering with sub-meter accuracy

On-ear monaural earphone

Adaptable left/right

High volume, more clear for seniors and the hearing impaired people


wireless audio guide

Wireless Group Audio Guide – Advanced

The most advanced tour guide system, it’s easy to use by the group guide and visitors

Crystal clear audio

AI-Powered Noise Reduction, remove ambient noise from audio

Transmitter: portable (12 inches), integrated with speaker

Receiver: ergonomic and lightweight (11g)

>200 meters transmission distance

9999+ unlimited channels


Multi-functional Audio Guide – Flexi

  • Dual function ina single audio guide device- automatic mode for self-guided tours and live mode for group-guided tours
  • Seamless transition from auto to live mode or vice versa
  • High quality audio with long rangeSub-meter real-time positioning accuracy


compact portable audio guide

Compact Portable Audio Guide– compact

  • Ultra slim and lightweight design
  • Multiple triggering systems – Manual or automatic, GPS or beacon
  • Indoor and outdoor sub-meter accuracy with real-time positioning
  • High-definition tourist site map with indicator Lights
  • Provide easy-to-access information


Self-service Audio Guide Rental

  • A digital and innovative solution to manage audio guide device: tourists can rent & return audio guides via mobile devices without human interaction.
  • It provides a more efficient and accessible service to visitors, reduces the site operating cost and standardize service.


Group audio guide system: follow-me

  • Suitable for group guided indoor tours
  • Deviceless during the visit, visitors won’t wear any device during their tour
  • Decimeter positioning accuracy
  • Several group guided tours in the adjacent area – without disturbing others or interfering with one another
  • Flexible visit route

Directional Speakers with Projection Technology

The innovated directional sound system creates interactive image in listening area:  It builds a tight and narrow zone to deliver isolated audio to visitors within the desired location and range while maintaining silence where the audio is not required. The sound is highly directional into a relatively small area and can be triggered automatically. Only the desired listening area is visible, allowing more attention to detail for the audience.

What you get with this innovated directional speaker:

  • Sound creation in a narrow beam with high directivity
  • Automatic Triggering
  • Human detect with small-angle & high-precision technology
  • Projection Technique: Interactive projected image in the listening area
  • Touchless, sanitary and safe, device less during the visit
  • Directional speakers at a great value


Who uses Audio Guides?

  • Museums, Tourist sites and Galleries, etc.:Create a modern audio tour, flexible for groups and individuals, enjoy the tour with DepthLink museum audio guides. It’s suitable for any museum, gallery or other venues to engage audience with contextual information in an innovative way.
  • Exhibitions, school, factories, retail stores, kiosks, digital signage and special projects, etc.: offer high-quality, precisely controlled sound for special exhibits and VIP group tours.

About  Us

100 000+
audio guide devices manufactured
over the last 10 years

Used and approved by millions of visitors & places

Recognized and referred by thousands of clients

Established in 2014, DepthLink provides innovative and one-stop audio guide solutions with cutting-edge technology for museums, cultural sites, exhibitions, etc. The company’s commitment to the audio guide industry focuses on high-precision positioning technology. It is recognised as a leading provider of full-stack audio guides with in-house development of precision positioning, navigation, map, and AR core engines. Its strong capability in software and hardware systems has allowed DepthLink to overcome technical barriers, thus launching innovative products for the tourism industry.

This new generation group guided tour system with decimeter positioning accuracy is the first-ever of its kind. It is the most flexible all-in-one solution and multifunctional audio guide available at a minimal budget. This system is also the first spotlight speaker integrated with the projection technique.

With its expertise in the industry and a strong reputation among customers, DepthLink is approved as a pioneer of creative and professional audio guide solution provider in the tourism industry. We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions and developing innovative and convenient products to enrich the cultural experience for visitors.

Today, DepthLink products have been widely utilized in famous tourist sites, great museums and major corporations and exhibitions. We have manufactured more than 100,000 audio guide devices, used and approved by millions of customers.

High-precision Positioning accuracy less than 0.3m

Hybrid Positioning: supports both indoor and outdoor

In-house development – navigation engine for precise location