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Directional Sound Speaker

Exclusive designed for museums, digital signage, tradeshows, exhibitions or any public environment,  Hands-Free Audio Guide series

It creates tight and narrow zones for visitors and audience to deliver isolated audio at a desired location and range, while preserving silence where the sound is not needed. The sound focused at high intensity into a relatively small area. We produce directional speakers with clear, natural sound that remains audible over longer distances at lower power.

Directional speaker is the ideal solution for museums, eliminates the discomfort of wearing headphones or earpieces. Transmit audio message to only the people interested in and allow them to learn valuable information. it’s a very compelling way to direct the sound towards individual visitor.

Product Features


  • This a flexible and self-powered model, the perfect distance for hearing is 1-9 meters.
  • It’s suitable in different environments, can be used in quiet places (museums, galleries, conference) or noisy areas (outdoor applications, exhibitions, shopping malls, etc.) Mounting options include, ceiling, wall and desk stand


Projector directional speaker- to visualise the sound beam

This innovated product offers a totally different directional audio experience, not only direct an audio beam to a specific point, also has the ability to outline the sound beam range to visitors and the desired heard area becomes visible.

Technical details

  • Highly directional distribution of sound, What are the uses of directional speakers?capable of producing high-quality sound, with low noise and great frequency response, the frequencies as low as 150 Hz.
  • how to connected with audio source, Bluetooth?
  • The emitter contains the amplifier and the signal processing system. A simple plug & play solution. Just connect your audio source device (such as portable music player, laptop, DVD-player etc.) to the speaker audio inputs and you are ready to go.
  • Speaker
  • Amplify
  • Motion sensor options is available to engage with customers and have more interactions
  • Standard VESA100 mounting pattern

System specification


Input voltage: 230V or 120V, 50/60 Hz

Power supply: 24V/1A

Dimensions and weight

Speaker dimension: ø270 x 19 mm

Speaker weight: 880 g

Operating environment

Temperature: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F – 140°F)

Humidity: 0 – 95% (non-condensing)

Ultrasonic and DSP processing

Carrier frequency: cca. 40 kHz

Modulation method: AM


Input impedance: 10k Ohms

Typical input signal: 160 mVrms

Frequency response: 150 Hz to 16 kHz

Max speaker output: 90 db @ 1kHz/1meter


Audio input: 2x RCA

What are the uses of directional speaker?

There is a wide of range of directional speaker could be used. In public spaces for public addressing where only a specific group of people need to hear the message. In museums, exibitions or galleries, to transmit the audio content to a specific group of people interested in; Attract attention for commerial adverstising by presenting a clear audio message to customers standing right in front of the display.