Smart Audio Guide – Mono

  • Perfect for self-guided audio tours
  • Automatic triggering with sub-meter accuracy
  • On-ear monaural earphone
  • Wireless audio guide system
  • Hands-Free Audio Guide series
  • Adaptable left/right
  • High volume, clear sound
  • Suitable for seniors and the hearing-impaired people

Smart Audio Guide for Self-Guided Audio Tours

A personal audio guide to help visitors explore the world in the easiest way

This ultralight monaural earphone is a wearable automatic audio guide to visit museums, galleries and several other tourist sites. Its precision positioning system automatically triggers audio message when visitors come close to the particular objects. The lightweight on-ear design makes it comfortable to wear for an entire day. As it is not directed connected to the ears, the devices creates a memorable experience for each site.

Automatic triggering with sub-meter accuracy

Museums exhibit rich information and interesting objects from where tourists can learn about history. Audio guide in museum play a crucial role for the entire museum experience. It offers pre-recorded commentary about exhibits and tells interesting stories to visitors. However, only parts of the objects’ information are delivered by the audio guide, mainly because of the current positioning technology that have a limited accurate visitor position.

Product Features

Multilingual contents in one device

Built-in high-volume Speakers, suitable for noisy environment and convenient for the elder.

How does it work?

The visitor enters the exhibition and receives a ready-to-use headset. No other device will be handed out. The visitor will just have to put on the headphones and start exploring the exhibition.

The beacons/transmitters need to be preinstalled near the objects, which are used to automatically trigger the audio content. It is accurate to 0.5-meter as the minimum distance between two objects.

Self-Service Cabinet for Smart Audio Guide

Leverage with DepthLink Self-Service Cabinet to manage audio guide rental services all by yourself. Self-service allows operators (Museums / Galleries / other tourist sites) to scale operations more quickly and efficiently while reducing costs.

Step 1

Download the APP

Step 2

Scan the bar code to settle the deposit

Step 3

Pick up audio guide device and start your visit

Step 4

Scan the bar code to return the audio guide in any service point

Technical Overview

Installation and Deployment: can be rapidly deployed in public spaces.


  • Ergonomic design
  • 360-degree rotatable ear hook
  • Soft materials, high elasticity mono earphone
  • More than 15 hours of battery life
  • Up to 32G TF card
  • Color: Black. Other colors are available upon request

Charging Station

  • Usable for 50 units
  • Magnetic suction charging interface
  • Built-in UV sterilization system
  • Auto-Stop Safety Mechanism for UV Systems(If box is opened during disinfection process,the UV sterilizer will automatically shut down to protect user’s eyes from being exposed to ultraviolet rays)
  • Fire resistant
  • Standby mode after a considerable time of inactivity
  • Fully charged in 30 mins (Li-Ion Polymer battery)
  • Size & weight

A personal audio guide to help visitors explore the world in the easiest way