Compact Portable Audio Guide – Compact 

  • Customized high-definition tourist site map with indicator lights
  • Multiple triggering systems – Manual or automatic, GPS or beacon 
  • Indoor and outdoor operation
  • Sub-meter real-time positioning accuracy 
  • Provide easy-to-access information
  • Easy group device management
  • Lightweight and reliable
  • Long battery life(20hours)
  • SAFE, SANITARY with UV Sterilizing Charging station

Outdoor sub-meter positioning appliable to Pro version

Compact portable device for indoor and outdoor visit

This ultra slim and lightweight automatic audio guide is built with a numeric keypad and high-definition tourist site map. It is convenient to carry and easy to use, giving visitor a special and memorable travel experience for every tourist destination – indoor and outdoor.

Customized High-Definition Tourist Map with Indicator Lights

This flexible and customizable audio guide gives tourists a broad view of all the scenic spots, travelling routes and service facilities. Map your personal travel route by keeping track of the sights. The light will go out to indicate a particular place has been visited. This magical light audio guide device won’t let you miss any interesting spot!

Multiple Triggering Techniques

Undisturbed visit – With the compact portable audio guide, visitors can receive audio information about the recognized objects/scenic spots in two ways:

  • Manual triggering. By pressing the key on the numeric keypad to obtain the relevant recording. 
  • Automatic triggering. The audio guide automatically plays when visitors reach pre-defined locations.

The First Audio Guide equipped with Indoor & Outdoor Sub-Meter Positioning Technology

This device can precisely locate visitor’s position, enabling more automatic audio guides to operate in the same area:

  • Sub-meter positioning technology based on GPS 
  • Sub-meter positioning technology based on Beacons

Lightweight and Reliable

  • Ultralight and slim design
  • Long battery life, with 20 hours for continuous use 
  • Easy to understand and operate
  • Charging station has built-in UV sterilization to operate batch cleaning during the battery chargin

Group Devices Management, Easy Group Management

  • Ability to remotely control group devices by tour guide
  • Set up a group through hand-held controller 
  • Plays general information and live alarm messages, welcome messages, introductions, or announcements to the group
  • Real-time monitoring: If a team member is lagging the tour, an alert message will be automatically sent to remind them to rejoin the group

Self-Service Cabinet for Compact Portable Audio Guide

Leverage with DepthLink self-service Cabinet to manage audio guide rental services. Self-service allows operators (Museum/ Gallery /tourist sites) to scale operations more quickly and efficiently while reducing costs.

Step 1

Download the APP

Step 2

Scan the barcode to settle the deposit

Step 3

Pick up audio guide device and begin your tour

Step 4

Scan the barcode to return the audio guide in any service point

For visitors

Wired On-Ear Mono Earphone

  • Reusable mono earphones
  • Hygienic earphone that has no contact with the internal ear
  • Ergonomic design,comfortable wearing

For tour leaders

Group Controller Device

  • Tour leaders have the choice of compact and headset microphones.
  • For outdoors or noisy environments,the headset microphone is preferred.

Technical Overview

Installation and Deployment: Rapid deployment in all your public spaces.Our audio guide is quickly deployed in your public spaces.

  • More than 20 hours of battery Life more than 20 hours
  • Up to 32G TF card
  • Color: Black. Other colors are available upon request
  • Touch pad with raised markers