Multi-functional Audio Guide

  • Dual function in a single audio guide device- automatic mode for self-guided tours and live mode for group-guided tours
  • Seamless transition from auto to live mode or vice versa
  • High quality audio with long range
  • Sub-meter real-time positioning accuracy
  • SAFE, SANITARY with UV Sterilizing Charging station

The most flexible and unique audio guide, serving both individual and group visitors within one device

Want to discover the exhibitions on your own but still enjoy a professionally guided tour? With this one-of-a-kind multi-functional audio guide system used for both individual and group tours, you will not miss any interesting information and always have the flexibility to discover at your own pace. You can seamlessly switch between live mode and auto mode, allowing a self-exploration experience for visitors while transmitting a live stream with supplementary information or context. It enriches the travel experience with the most accessibility and increases returns on investment at the cost of one device.

Enhances the travel experience in an innovative and unique way

Can you imagine how convenient it is to have the combination of self-guided and organized tours within one audio guide device?

Audio guides are integrated into the museum experience to help visitors understand the exhibitions without a physical tour guide. Whilst some people prefer a guided tour with a museum employee, DepthLink multi-functional audio guide brings the best of both worlds as they get all the relevant information but can stroll around the museum at their own pace. 

All in one innovative audio guide systems with high-end technology adapted for both indoor and outdoor tours.

Automatic mode: Individual guiding system

It allows visitors to explore the exhibition individually. Its advanced features include:

  • Auto Triggering: The system detects nearby objects and triggers the messages automatically
  • Touchless: Visitor receives recorded spoken commentary without pressing any button
  • Sub-Meter Positioning Accuracy: Precisely locate visitor’s position, enabling more automatic audio guides to operate in the same area
  • Multilingual content in one device: Supports 13 languages

Live Mode: Group guiding system

Led by a tour guide, the device transmits the live audio stream to the group with the following features:

  • Directly address a group of visitors equipped with a multi-functional audio guide. Offers high-quality live stream to the group. The transmission capability is up to 100 meters, suitable for large groups
  • Group device management: Remotely control all devices with a controller, divide devices into small groups and deliver different audio contents, etc.
  • Optimal communication: Plays general information and live alarm messages, welcome messages, introductions, or announcements to the group
  • Real-time monitoring: If a team member is lagging the tour, an alert message will be automatically sent to remind them to rejoin the group

Combination of live and auto mode

  • Tour leaders can interrupt the live or auto mode at any time
  • Switch between live and auto modes for greater flexibility

Smart Charging Racks

  • Charging station has built-in UV sterilization to operate batch cleaning during the battery charging 
  • Easy and safe to use, Auto-Stop Safety Mechanism for UV Systems 
  • Automatic charging system, magnetic suction charging interface
  • Recharge up to 50 audio guides at one time
  • Fully charged in 30mins

Robust and Durable Radio Beacons

This is a low-powered device used to determine receivers’ approximate physical location and transmit and trigger the message through the audio guide.

  • The ultra-rugged construction of the device makes it suitable for extreme environments. It can withstand temperatures from -30℃ to +60℃
  • Built-in industrial battery, no additional power supply. More than 5-years long battery life
  • Requires zero infrastructure and maintenance

Audio Guide Self-Service Cabinets

Leverage with DepthLink self-service Cabinet to manage audio guide rental services. The self-service allows operators (Museum/ Gallery /tourist sites) to scale operations more quickly and efficiently at a reduced cost.

Step 1

Download the APP

Step 2

Scan the barcode to settle the deposit

Step 3

Pick up the audio guide device and start your tour

Step 4

Scan the barcode to return the audio guide in any service point

Compatible Accessories

For visitors

Wired On-Ear Mono Earphone

  • Reusable mono earphones
  • Hygienic earphones that have no contact with the internal ear
  • Ergonomic design ensures comfortable use for prolonged period

For tour leaders

Compact or Headset Microphone

  • Tour leaders can choose between compact or headset microphones.
  • For outdoor uses or noisy environments, the headset microphone is preferred

Technical Overview

Installation and Deployment: Rapid deployment in all public spaces. Our audio guide is quickly deployed in your public spaces.


  • Size and weight
  • More than 15 hours of battery 
  • Up to 32G TF card
  • Color: Black. Other colors are available upon request
  • Touch pad with raised markers

Group Controller Device

  • High range signal (up to 100m)
  • Autonomy: 20 hours
  • Power: 10 dBm -> 10 mW
  • Programmable Output Power starting from -30 dBm
  • Signal Noise ratio: 95 dB
  • Total Harmony Distortion: -80 dB
  • Charging time:
  • Charing: micro USB