Portable Audio Guide Device

SMART Self-Guided Audio Guide

The latest innovated ultralight audio guide, optimise visitors’ experience, Hands-Free Audio Guide series

This magic ultralight supra-aural headphones is a wearable automatic audio guide. All audio content is stored on the audio guides, it automatically triggered audio message through radio beacon when visitors come close to the exhibits .设置了若干个语音导览点后.随着游客前行的脚步,系统会在有语音导览点的位置自动推送语音讲解到游客的导览耳机中; the ultralight design makes it comfortable to wear. and no direct contact with ears, the charging station has built in UV sterilization to operate batch cleaning during the battery charging. Designed for both group and individual audio tours.

Product Features:

Self-guided audio guide model:

  • Touchless audio experience, no direct contact with ears
  • Adjustable mono earphone, 360 degree rotation
  • Comfortable to wear with reliable Silica gel material
  • Precise positioning, automatically trigger and deliver the audio message
  • Built-in 32G memory card. The audio files are stored directly inside the
  • device and are rapidly and conveniently updated via USB memory stick if necessary.
  • Charging Station with built-in UV sterilization
  • Automatic charging system, Magnetic suction charging interface
  • Recharge up to 50 audio guides at one time
  • High capacity rechargeable battery with up to XX hours of use
  • High sound quality, a 100% increase in audio output, 最大音量比普通耳机高100%以上,不仅适用于重噪音场所,对于听力不好的老人也适用
  • Workable in extreme environments. Durable in low temperature environment up to  -60° with three years’ service life for continuous use
  • Supports 13 languages

Professional model, mainly for group audio guide:

  • Real-time group management system, once set up the connection between mona earphone audio guide and group controller device Tour guide has the capability to remotely mange team member’s devices, such as turn on /turn off, mute or play the pre-recorded audio, live broadcast.
  • Flexible to manage and control the group devices. Separate one big group into small teams and deliver different audio contents for each team.
  • Supports User Defined Mode
  • Instant connection between transmitter (group controller) and receiver (mona headset audio guide), sending alert whenever the member is out of the range of the guide’s controller

Product components and specifications:

  • Mono earphone audio guide
  • Charging stations
  • Radio beacon
  • Group controller
  • 语音推送器

Technical Overview

Mono earphone audio guide

  • Acounstic: XX ohms
  • Sound pressure level (SPL at 1kHZ): 72dB
  • Response in frequencies: 400-20k
  • Sensitivity: 72dB/1W/m
  • Continous pressure: 700mW/1000mW Max
  • Weight: XX g
  • Size:
  • Built-in 32G memory card FT card
  • Lasting up to XX hours on a single charge
  • 可调节声音大小volumn up/down
  • 批量复制TF卡?

Charging station

  • Magnetic suction charging interface
  • Connect up to 50 mono earphones

in one Rack

  • Charging time: fully charged in xx hours


  • Fire resistance
  • Auto turn on/off  UV light
  • Size: 长x宽x高cm
  • WEight: xx kg
  • UV sterilization system

团队控制器Group Controller Device for tour guide

语音推送器 Audio Transimitter

Use case:

For self-guided and group tour, museums, exhibitions, city tours, conference room, hotels, any of large indoor environment.