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Follow-me Group Audio guide

The best touchless audio guide, real-time location system for group indoor tours, Hands-Free/ Touch Free Audio Guide series

The ideal solution for indoor guided walking tour. Visitors are able to fully enjoy the tour without wearing additional device or earphone, hands-free during the entire visit.  By holding the light wireless controller, when tour guide is speaking to the headset/handhold microphone Depthlink sensor is able to locate the indoor position and connect to the nearest pre-installed Power Amplifier/sound box transmitted the live audio message to audio speaker, audience can get the audio message clear and loud. The audio source is controlled by the wireless handheld controller and just followed footprints with every single move from tour guides. It gives the audience a unique and engaging narrative to follow. Don’t worry about the audio quality and interference with other tour groups in the same room, it supports max. 2 tour groups in the same room and talking in the same time.

We have just launched our Fourth generation follow-me group audio guide to improve the positioning accuracy at decenter meter level, reinforce the signals. It calculates very precise positions, with errors as small as a few decimeters under good conditions. audience is getting better live audio message

How does it work

Follow-me Group audio tour – precise indoor positioning system overview

Audio is streamed from Depthlink Smart Power Amplifier/sound box to Depthlink audio speakers over Non-WiFi network provided by Depthlink sound box.

The system comprised of five components:

  • The earpieces, either headset or handhold earphone. they can take in and transmit the sound. Compatible with XX earphone in the market.
  • The 4 inches lightweight controller, which is to control the audio source volumn
  • High precise smart sensor, the core of the product, gives the accurate real- time location of the audio source with decimeter accuracy, works wirelessly with the controller and amplifier to transmit the sound
  • The Power amplifier/ sound box, boosts the audio signal for even better sound quality and connect with audio speakers over Non-WiFi connection
  • The Audio speaker, which delivers room-filling sound to visitors

What we have with Depthlink Follow-me Group Audio Guide

Aims to provide an easy, free communication and experience for group visitors and audience

This is the Fourth-generation indoor positioning product since we first launched in 2021

Infrared ray was used in the first place which is limited by the need to have a direct line of sight between transmitter and receiver. Transmission can be easily blocked by people, cloth and it has short range, impacted performance with longer distance.

The second generation is RFID, which has the transmission distance limitation, tour guide has to follow pre-defined route and tag position; Signals are vulnerable to external disturbance.

Bluetooth replaced with RFID as our third-generation product, however in indoor environments, these signal strength stability and positioning accuracy especially in the large building became the challenge to us, they are greatly attenuated by walls and roofs

We are glad to introduce our latest technology, the fourth-generation it’s more reliable and low sensitive to potential interference with other wireless systems and makes it ideal for indoor environments. It can overcome above limitations and bring visitors’ a totally new concepts and great audio tour experience:

1. Depthlink is the first one in the industry to leverage decimeter-level high precision positioning technology to improve indoor public audio experience

2. It gives clear audio experience and locate the precise position inside multistory buildings such as stilt floor, structure layer/overhead buildings

3. Allows Multiple transmitters working in the adjacent area without interference

4. Flexible visit route, not necessary to follow the fixed path or locations anymore. The Precision Sensor is able to capture the sound through tour guide’s wireless controller and transmit to audio players.

5. Four-in-one device: includes, wireless transmitter, remote control, locator, laser pointer.

6. With this single set of devices you will get double audio frequency for both live audio and public broadcast. the public broadcast to play the background music or instructions it can be automatically switched into live stream audio model once it detects the message from the sensor.

High Precision Sensor

Product Features:

1. Wireless radio wave range: 301 – 980MHz

2. the fourth generation with decimeter-level high precision positioning technology

3. multifunctional device with wireless audio transmitter, high precision positioning, control signals output

4. supports power amplifier System for broadcast output

5. double audio frequency for both live audio (from tour guide) and public broadcast,

automatically to prioritize the live audio over the public broadcast if there are playing in the air for same time

6. to connect max. 2 wireless transmitter controllers at the same time in same room without any interference

7. mounted to the ceiling/wall

Technical specifications:

net weight (oz.)

Sensitivity                                     Incl. Volume Control

Maximum Output Power

Qty/ Uom                                      1 Each


Manufacturer                                Depthlink, China


Item Height

Frequency Range                        MHz

Power Amplifier/sound box

Product Features:

Technical specifications:

Audio player/speaker【non-wireless】

Product Features:

Technical specifications:

Wireless audio Transmitter controller, operate by tour guide

Product Details:

  • light and easy to carry
  • wireless radio wave range: 301-980MHz (UHF frequency band)
  • works with decimeter-level high precision positioning technology
  • built in laser pointer, controlled by the keypad
  • Support UHF wireless audio transmitter functionality, adjust volume in the keypad
  • Vibration detection function, auto power off after 5 minutes of no communication


  • 1. built-in high quality loudspeaker; 2. output for external headset microphone and

handheld wireless microphone

  •  Supports two ways of communication, flexible to switch between built-in loudspeaker

and external microphone model


Charging time: fully charged in 6 hours (Li-Ion Polymer battery)

Use case

For large or small group indoor tour, museums, exhibitions, city tours, conference room, hotels, any of large indoor environment. easy to install and operate.